Eyeglasses Over Contacts

Eyeglasses Or Contacts: Which Is Right For You?

If you need vision correction, you have two basic options: eyeglasses or contacts. Sometimes, one is better than the other for the particular type of correction you need. Other times, it’s a matter of preference, comfort, lifestyle, convenience, and other elements. Before you decide on one or the other, remember the benefits that eyeglasses bring.

Benefit 1: Less Cleaning And Maintenance

Depending on the type of contacts you get, you might have to clean and maintain them frequently. If you don’t do it properly, they irritate your eyes. With glasses, you can wipe the lenses free from dust on occasion, but that’s all they’ll ever really need. Plus, you don’t put glasses directly on your eye so even if they are a little dirty, you won’t risk getting an eye infection or irritation from them.

Benefit 2: Cheaper In The Long Run

When you look at the price of glasses side by side with contacts, contacts will appear cheaper because their initial price tag is less. However, glasses can last for years and you will have to replace contacts a lot more often. Looking at the long-term costs, glasses cost less. And there are often good deals on frames that you can’t find with contacts.

Benefit 3: Eyeglasses Do Something Extra

While contacts correct your vision, eyeglasses can do something more. They can adjust the amount of light that enters your eye to give you the vision you need along with more comfort. Certain lenses can darken when you go outside to give you comfortable vision in any light. You don’t have to worry about getting prescription sunglasses, sunglasses that go over your glasses, or sunglasses that don’t help you see at all.

Benefit 4: The Fashion Statement

While eyeglasses serve their purpose in correcting your vision, they are also very popular as a fashion statement. Some people wear eyeglasses with no prescription in the lens just to have a new look. When you find a pair that suits your personality and style, it can give you a new look that really stands out.

Benefit 5: Environmental Protection

If you’ve ever cleaned dirt and dust from eyeglasses, you might wonder what would happen if all that got into your eye. Eyeglasses protect your eyes from certain environmental factors and help you prevent getting things in your eye. You have better protection from the wind, dust, debris, and any number of other things.

Benefit 6: No Eye Touching

Some people trouble touching their eyes, making contacts a real challenge. Even if that’s not a problem, eyes aren’t meant to be frequently touched. Touching the eye to apply contacts can lead to dryness and irritation, but with eyeglasses, that’s not necessary at all.

Getting The Right Eyeglasses Prescription

If you’ve decided to get eyeglasses, or you want to go back and forth between glasses and contacts, the most important thing is to get the right prescription and take care of your eye health. Contact Redondo Optometry for your next appointment.

Olivia Hokama