Eyewear and Sunglasses Trends

Eyewear Trends To Keep you In Style

Whether you need vision correction, or you just want to protect your eyes from the sun, eyeglasses are a functional necessity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good when wearing them. There are so many different styles and options to choose from when it comes to your eyewear. Check out these eyewear trends to figure out what styles you may want to consider at your next optometrist appointment.

Micro Cat Eye

Mini cat eye glasses are making a comeback this year. These nineties-inspired frames are on the small end, but make a swoop at the sides to imitate a cat eye. They give your eyes protection, but are stylish at the same time. If you like the cat eye look for your makeup, this type of eyewear can frame your face similarly, and give your look that same type of vintage vibe.

Blending Frames And Lenses

Matching your lens color or sunglasses to the frame color of your glasses is a big thing this year. If that’s black, so be it, but you can also go with candy colors like light blue, purple, mauve, or others. The more outlandish the color and the better the match, the nicer they will fit into this year’s trends.

The Thick Frames

Do you remember the glasses your grandpa wore? They were large and had thick frames. They don’t scream stylish to you, but today, thick frames are all the rage. When you wear them with pulled back hair and let them become your stand out accessory, they can work really well, either in sunglasses or as corrective eyewear.

The Visor Look

Think Terminator and get shades that are bold and have an 80s look to them. These frames are highly protective on a sunny day and can help block more UV rays than smaller styles. They also bring past years into the picture again and complement the right beachwear with ease.

Mirror Shades

Mirrored eyewear is back this summer. Silver looks best on blondes for a contrast while gold finish looks better on those with darker hair. If you need regular eyewear, but want this look, get a frame in silver or gold for a similar appeal.

Red Lens

For a bold style statement, get a pair of sunglasses with a red lens. This eyewear trend has been huge on the runways this year and will stand out against any neutral-shade outfit. If you like the idea of red, but need regular eyewear, red frames are also popular.

Big And Bold

You’ve probably noticed that larger frames are popular on all the stars and that trend is still in effect. Whether it’s sunglasses or regular eyewear, you want them to be seen—and there’s no avoiding them when they’re large and chunky, as is the trend.

Getting The Right Eyewear Trend For Your Style

You can’t choose a trend and automatically expect it to look great on you, even if it looks nice on others around you. Your face shape and your own personal style play a part in what you will want to choose. Stop into Redondo Optometry for your annual exam and take a look at our selection of designer frames to see what works for you.

Olivia Hokama