Reasons for Regular Eye Exams

Getting That Eye Exam Is Important

While there are certain things you know you should do for your health, like eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep, there are other more hidden things that are also important. If your vision is good or you have glasses or contacts and haven’t seen any changes in your vision, do you really need a regular eye exam? It’s something you could easily overlook and skip, but you definitely shouldn’t. The demands on your eyes are greater now than they have been in past decades and you want to make sure your eyes are up to the daily challenges. Here are just a few current reasons to get an annual eye exam.

Reason 1: Digital Eye Usage

How often do you look at a screen? Whether it’s your TV, your computer, or your smartphone, you’re looking at a lot of screens on a daily basis. Digital devices change some of the basic functions in the eyes in that you may not blink as often. When you stare at the screen and blink more slowly, your eyes can dry out and that can cause a whole host of other issues. Getting that regular eye exam can help ward off dry eye and other problems that can occur from digital strains.

Reason 2: Sun Exposure

Sunglasses are very stylish today and a lot of people wear them, but you are likely exposed to UV rays on a daily basis as well. You know that’s not good for your skin so perhaps you cover up or wear sunblock. Keep your eyes in mind as well and wear sunglasses that are UV protectant. Not every pair will protect your eyes. Watch for sunglasses that have a UV 400 label on them. Too much sun exposure can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, and other issues.

Reason 3: Allergies

Not everyone has allergies, but more people have it today than ever before. Your eyes are vulnerable when you have allergies because they are generally irritated and red. Manage your allergy symptoms and combat any eye related issues they bring with them by getting that regular eye exam. You might need medication to help or you can at least get some tips.

Reason 4: Vision Correction

It would be nice if we were all born with perfect vision and it would be even nicer if vision stayed that way, but that’s not the case. Getting a routine eye exam with your eye doctor can tell you if your vision has changed, even if you can’t tell yourself. If you already have glasses or contacts, the changes happen slowly so it’s hard to figure out if things are more blurry today than they were yesterday. You want your vision to be at its peak to avoid future issues. Getting annual eye exams is important for your health.

Sign Up For Regular Eye Exams

When you’re ready for that annual eye exam, contact Redondo Optometry. Whether you are having an eye issue or not, it’s important to have regular exams to tackle possible future problems before they even begin.

Olivia Hokama