Worrying About Glaucoma

Taking Steps To Prevent Glaucoma

Your eyes are important to you and as you age, your vision can deteriorate. If you are worried about glaucoma, it’s never too early to take steps to prevent it from occurring or, at least, from getting worse. Eye health is important to your future and you’ll want to be proactive about protecting it.

What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes damage to the optic nerve. This is the nerve that carries information from the eye over to the brain so when it is damaged, it can cause vision loss. Many people get the ailment as they age and it is among the leading cause of blindness in the world. The exact cause is not known, but an increase pressure on the eye is always a factor. When glaucoma is not treated, it can cause blindness, which is something no one wants.

Risk Factors For Glaucoma

Some people have a higher chance of having glaucoma than others, simply because of their family history. Age is another risk factor as the chances of contracting the ailment rises with age. Those who have suffered eye injuries are also more susceptible. People who have high eye pressure, thin corneas, or are near or farsighted also get it more often. And then there are health conditions like diabetes that can contribute as well. People with just one risk factor have an increased chance, but those that have several are even more likely to contract glaucoma.

Glaucoma Prevention With Eye Exams

While glaucoma is not completely preventable, there are things you can do to catch it in its early stages and fight against some of the risk factors. One of the best things anyone can do is get a routine eye exam. The eye doctor will check the pressure in your eye and do a glaucoma screening exam. They will also inspect the drainage angle of your eye and look in on the optic nerve for damage. You can expect a peripheral vision test as well. Even if you do not have any risk factors for glaucoma, you should get a regular eye exam just in case. If you have higher risks, get the exam more often based on what your doctor recommends.

Prevent Eye Injuries

Another thing you can do to reduce your risks is to avoid eye injuries. You might want to wear protective eye gear when you take part in sports or home improvement projects. Wearing sunglasses is always a good thing as well. You never want anything to happen to your eye and injuries only increase your chances of other issues, like glaucoma.

Fight Glaucoma Fiercely

While there aren’t any clear causes of glaucoma, preventing it as best you can is in the best interest of your continued vision. Ensure your eye’s health with regular visits to Redondo Optometry for screenings and checkups. Follow your doctor’s advice with how frequently you should visit for glaucoma screenings and take care of your eye health as best you can between appointments.

Olivia Hokama