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The Field Of Optometry

OptometryDifference Between An Ophthalmologist, Optometrist And Optician

When you hear the word “optometry,” you know it deals with an eye doctor. But when it comes to your vision, you want to see the right doctor at the right time. Your eyes have specific needs and the type of eye doctor you see plays an important role in overall eye care. The levels of training and expertise are different for every type of provider so it is good for you to know the differences so you can judge what you need when it comes to optometry.


This t type of eye doctor is a medical doctor who specializes in vision care. They are different from the other two because of their level of training and what type can diagnose and treat. As a medical doctor, they completed college and an additional eight years (or more) of medical training. They are licensed to practice medicine and surgery. They can diagnose and treat any eye disease and they can perform eye surgeries. They can also prescribe glasses and contacts to correct vision issues. They are sometimes even involved in scientific research on causes and cures for eyes diseases and disorders. While they are all trained to care for eye problems, some specialize in surgical eye care while others specialize in medical eye care. They can also have sub-specialties including pediatrics, glaucoma, and others.


These healthcare professionals provide primary vision care like sight testing. They can also diagnose, treat, and manage vision changes. They are not medical doctors, but they do have a doctor of optometry degree after they completed four years of optometry school after three or more years of college. They are licensed to practice optometry, which are usually eye exams and vision tests. They can prescribe corrective lenses and detect certain eye issues and abnormalities. They can also prescribe medications for certain eye diseases.


These technicians are trained to design and fit eyeglass lenses and frames as well as contact lenses and other devices that correct eyesight. They use the prescriptions the other two supply, but they do not test vision or write the prescriptions themselves. They cannot diagnose or treat eye ailments.

What Do You Need?

When it comes to your vision, it is important that you see the right type of professional in order to get the care you need. If you simply need help with glass or contacts, an optometrist is a great option. If you have serious eye issues and may need surgery, seeing an ophthalmologist is best. It’s always best to ask questions by phone to ensure you get off to the right start.

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