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Signs You Shouldn’t Wear Contact Lenses

woman-staring-at-contact-lensContact Lenses Aren’t For Everyone

Many people who need vision correction would love to have contact lenses instead of glasses, but there are some who simply shouldn’t wear them. While contact lenses work well for the majority of those who need vision correction, there are certain factors that can make a person an unfit candidate. When you have a comprehensive eye exam from your optometrist, you will be able to find out whether or not they will work for you. Here are a few instances in which contact lenses are not the best recourse.

You Have Severely Dry Eyes

If your eyes are too dry, it can get in the way of contact lenses. While you can try them out, in order for them to be comfortable, you need to have the right amount of tears in your eyes to keep the contact lenses lubricated. If you don’t have that moisture in your eye, the lenses will become dry, which can cause your vision to blur and fluctuate. Some people say the contacts feel like a piece of sand in their eyes while others report a scratchy, burning feeling. Either way, your eyes can feel tired after only a few hours of wearing the contacts.

You Have Inflammation Of The Eyelids

Another common condition that dictates contact lens success or, in this case, failure, is called blepharitis. This can occur in a person of any age, but usually occurs in those with skin that is more oily. The eyelids might be red and itchy and the bacteria in the area can cause issues and irritations with contact lenses.

You Have Severe Allergies

Those who have allergic reactions to pollen, dust, mold, dander, or anything else may see symptoms in and around their eyes. The chemical reaction can cause blood vessels in the eyes to swell up and feel itchy in addition to red and watery. There are plenty of reasons for these allergies, but wearing contact lenses can make them worse when the symptoms occur.

You Have An Odd Prescription

Eye doctors can fit any prescription into glasses, but there’s a more limited parameter for contact lenses. There is a wider range today than there has been in the past, but some people can’t get the same quality of vision from contact lenses as they can from glasses. While contacts can give them freedom, they may not want to sacrifice the clarity of their vision for that freedom.

Are You A Candidate For Contact Lenses?

If you don’t recognize yourself in any of the above items, you might be a good candidate for contact lenses over eyeglasses. You won’t know for sure until you visit your optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam. They will be able to prescribe the right level of vision correction to you and tell you about your options in the contact lens world, if that is indeed an option for you. If you’d like to schedule an exam, contact Redondo Optometry or just ask questions about contact lenses over the phone.

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