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Reasons Why An Optometry Visit Is Important

woman-receiving-an-eye-examOptometry Is Important To Overall Health

If you’re having trouble seeing, you set up an optometry visit so you can get your vision checked. If you have never needed glasses or contacts, you might not bother with eye checks every year. However, regular eye exams do a lot more for you than correct your vision. How often should you get an exam? The recommendations vary based on your age, health issues, vision conditions, and more. But you will want to get a checkup every year or two, whether you have 20/20 vision or not. Here are a few reasons to see the optometrist, even if you aren’t worried about your vision.

Reason 1: Your Eyelids Are Droopy

While you might think this is a cosmetic issue, it can be a sign of weakness in the skeletal muscles and can cause muscle fatigue and even problems swallowing or chewing. There can be causes behind droopiness other than age and your optometrist will spot whether or not you need more testing or medication to control the condition. If something is up with your eyes, even if you can see fine, check with an eye doctor. It never hurts to see what’s going on—especially if you have insurance that covers exams.

Reason 2: You Have Floaters In Your Vision

Floaters are small spots or strands that float around in your vision field. These pop up as a natural part of aging and they’re generally harmless, but if you have a lot of them, or aren’t particularly well on in your years, it might be a sign of other ailments, like diabetes. Diabetes can block eye blood vessels and in the early stages, vision fluctuation can be a huge sign that something is going on in the rest of the body.

Reason 3: Red Eyes All The Time

You might be tired sometimes and you rub your eyes, causing them to be red. But if you’re well rested and haven’t touched them and they’re still red, there could be something else going on. There are autoimmune disorders that are connected with constant red eyes. In fact, the eyes are often the first organ to see the effects of the disorders. If you notice the onset of constant red eyes, go to an optometrist first to see if there’s a culprit beyond just being tired.

Reason 4: Eye Protrusion

If you notice your eyes are bulging out more than usual, it can be a sign of Graves’ disease as the muscles thicken and push the eyes forward. You might not notice yourself, but perhaps someone you know commented on it or you noticed from pictures that your eyes look different than they did before. You can get treated before symptoms worsen when you go to an eye doctor.

Schedule An Optometry Visit Straight Away

You go to the doctor every year for a checkup, so why not take care of your vision’s health as well? Optometry is there to help you see clearly, but it can catch a lot of other ailments and do many things for your overall health as well.

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