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Optometry 101: Eye Irritants

eyedrops-being-used-due-to-allergiesLook To Optometry To Cut Back On Irritants

Have you ever gotten an eyelash in your eye? Something as small and simple as an eyelash from above your eye can cause you to have irritation in that area.  Your eyes could water, itch, sting, and so on. Specks of dust and many other small things can irritate your eyes. It’s important to understand how to avoid irritants and take the best care of your eyes possible. Optometry visits can also help the maintenance of your vision.

Common Eye Irritants

When you think of something that irritates the eyes, you might automatically think about onions. When you chop onions, they release chemicals into the air that open up the tear floodgates, right? People who wear contact lenses might not be as affected since the lens can act as a protective layer against the chemicals in the air. However, contacts themselves can also be irritating to the eye. The biggest eye irritators are dust and pollen, which are particularly high during the allergy season. These items can lead to watery, red, itchy, and swollen eyes. Staring at the computer screen for too long can irritate the eyes as well since we don’t blink as often when we look at screens. Eyes need a break on a regular basis.

Natural Eye Defenses

Luckily, as is true with many parts of the body, your eyes have a natural defense mechanism that kicks in when they are irritated. The first thing they generally do is well up with tears to get rid of whatever is irritating them. This is their natural way of flushing things out. If tears don’t work, the eyes swell up and start to itch. The blood vessels swell so they can reach the site of irritation and heal it faster.

Calming Irritation

When your eyes are having a reaction to an irritant, you want to fix it as fast as possible. You could use over-the-counter eye drops or allergy medication to reduce the red, itchiness. A cold compress can also bring the swelling down or you could try rinsing your eyes with lukewarm water to get the contaminants out of your eyes. Try not to rub your eyes as that will just make the irritation deepen and worsen.

Get Help From An Optometry Office

If nothing at home seems to help your irritation, you should see an optometry specialist help you get rid of the severe irritation you are experiencing. There might be special eye drops you can use or certain things you can learn to avoid. You want to make sure your eye health is in the best condition possible for your future. If your eyes are too dry or irritated on a regular basis, contact Redondo Optometry for a comprehensive exam. We’ll go over your eye health and get into any specific issues you have as well. Our experts will have suggestions to help you avoid eye irritation as much as possible. No one wants itchy eyes and we can help you look and feel much better.

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