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Considering Contact Lenses? Schedule An Optometry Visit

contact-being-placed-in-eyeOptometry Tips For New Contact Lens Wearers

Whether you’ve had glasses for years and are simply ready to make a change or you need help with your vision and want to jump right in by getting contacts, they can be a big help when it comes to your sight and your lifestyle. The key to enjoying new contact lenses is understanding how to use them. When you visit your optometrist, they can go over all of the details with you until you have a clear understanding of what you can and cannot do. But it is nice to have some of the basics in mind before your appointment. Here are a few tips for new contact lens wearers.

Tip 1: Keep Hands Clean

Your contact lenses sit directly on your eyes. Any bit of dirt on them can get transferred to your eye and can be very irritating or even painful. You will want to make sure your hands are freshly washed and clean before you handle the contact lenses, whether they are being placed into your eye or taken out.

Tip 2: Follow Cleaning Directions

You will also want to keep your contact lenses as clean as possible. Various kinds take different types of cleaning rituals and simply rubbing them with your fingers or running them under water doesn’t do it. You will need to soak them in the right kind of solution so they are completely covered overnight.

Tip 3: Use Proper Storage

When you aren’t wearing your contacts, store them in the proper case and replace that case every few months. You will also want to clean the case out between storage and cleaning sessions so it doesn’t build up any dirt or fluids.

Tip 4: Don’t Get Frugal With Solution

You will only want to use fresh solution when you clean and store your contact lenses. Don’t re-use old solution! Always use the proper products and solutions that are recommended by your optometrist. Any leeway in this area can lead to irritated eyes the next time you wear your contacts.

Tip 5: Keep Regular Optometry Appointments

Whether you wear contacts or not, you should see your optometrist on a regular basis, but when you wear contacts, it is even more important. Your eyesight might change and you may need a new form of contacts. You will want to check in to make sure your vision is as clear as possible. You might also need contact refills if you get a disposable type.

Contact Redondo Optometry

If you are sure that you want to try contacts, contact us for an appointment. If you don’t know if contacts are right for you or not, we can talk about the pros and cons with you to help you make an informed decision. It’s best to have regular vision screenings and comprehensive eye exams every year and you can check out your options while you are there. Glasses are always an alternative when it comes to vision correction, but many people find contacts a convenient solution for their lifestyle needs. Schedule a consultation to talk about contact lenses and let’s get started ensuring that your vision is the best it can be.

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