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When To Make An Optometry Appointment

woman-getting-eye-sight-treatmentBeen Awhile Since You Had An Optometry Appointment?

If you wear glasses or contacts, you probably have optometry appointments every few years in order to renew your prescription. But sometimes, time gets away from you and you let a few maintenance things slip in your schedule. If you have decent eyesight, you may not bother with the optometrist at all. But there are a number of reasons why you should schedule a regular optometry appointment. Here are a few that might have you picking up the phone.

Time Changes Your Eyes

As time goes by, you may notice certain things changing within your body. Your hair grows and you have to get regular haircuts to keep it at a certain length. Your metabolism shifts and you have to change your diet to maintain your weight. And your vision changes as well. If you have a prescription that is even slightly off, it could give you headaches or eye fatigue. You can avoid that by making an optometry appointment every year or two.

Avoid Serious Eye Ailments That Have No Symptoms

You’ll know when to go to your optometrist when your eyes are overtired, pink, or leaking for no reason. But there are plenty of eye diseases that have no symptoms at all. These conditions grow and develop gradually so you may not realize you have a decrease in your vision or another issue. Glaucoma is one ailment that the optometry appointment can catch. Early detection is key to maintaining your healthy line of sight.

Watch Out For Medical Conditions

Your eyes do a lot for you and when you make an optometry appointment, you expect the doctor to look at eye conditions. But did you ever dream that they could catch early signs of other medical conditions as well? You can find out about brain tumors, diabetes, cancers, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues when you visit the optometrist. All of these issues are things you want to know about earlier rather than later.

Prevent Issues In Your Daily Life With Optometry Visits

Do you (or your children) go to school? Vision problems can cause issues that can make children fall behind because they can’t see very well. Do you drive? If it’s hard to see signs, you could be a danger to yourself and others around you because of vision troubles. You can prevent a number of issues from popping up in your everyday life by visiting the optometrist and checking in on your eyes.

Contact Redondo Optometry

Your eyes work hard for you each and every day. It only makes sense that you take the time to maintain their health every year or two. If you realize it’s been awhile since your last optometry visit, make an appointment with Redondo Optometry. If nothing’s wrong with your eyes, great! You can go on your merry way for another year. But it’s best to correct vision issues, large or small, sooner rather than later. Take care of your vision and you’ll see well into the future.

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