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Diseases Your Optometrist Can Detect

Patient-getting-an-examEarly Detection By An Optometrist Is Key

When it comes to getting a diagnosis, early detection of diseases is ideal. Anything you have, you want to know about as early as possible in order to make treatment easier and less complicated. While you may visit the doctor on a regular basis, you will also want to keep up with regular eye appointments. When you think about optometry, you’d be surprised by the list of eye diseases and ailments an optometrist can catch. They can also catch a range of other diseases, sometimes earlier than others. Here are a few that an optometrist can help detect.


When it comes to having an eye exam, it could just save your life. Eye doctors can spot brain tumors, breast cancer, and even lung cancer that may have spread to the eye. There are certain types of bleeding in the retina that can signal leukemia as well. If the patient has a change in their field of vision, there might be a brain tumor. There are common cancer symptoms that some people like to ignore.


One of the first signs of Type 2 diabetes is a small amount of bleeding in the retina. Eye doctors often see patients with this symptom who have yet to be diagnosed with diabetes. If the diseases are left untreated, the condition can cause people to go blind. Managing it cuts the risk in half and lifestyle changes can help prevent further damage. While it’s easy for people to miss silent symptoms, the eye doctor will see them right away.

Multiple Sclerosis

When eye doctors see an inflammation of an optic nerve, it can be a sign of multiple sclerosis, a degenerative disease of the nervous system. This optic neuritis occurs in 75 percent of multiple sclerosis patients and it is the first symptom in many cases. Having an inflammation doesn’t mean a person has multiple sclerosis for sure, but it leads to further tests and checks that can help determine if treatment is needed.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Those with rheumatoid arthritis often have dry eye issues. If the patient has painful inflammation of the iris for a certain length of time, rheumatoid arthritis could be the cause as well. Rheumatoid arthritis usually affects small joints but with high levels of inflammatory chemicals in their blood, it can travel to the eyeball as well.

Visits With Your Optometrist Are Important

There are a number of reasons to visit your eye doctor outside of just a healthy vision check. Keep up with your regular visits to help you detect and even prevent other diseases. If you haven’t’ been doing a good job at keeping up with the eye exams, it’s never too late to start. Contact Redondo Optometry and get an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam.

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