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Are Contact Lenses Right For You?

placing-contact-during-optometry-visitContact Lenses Can Be An Ideal Solution

More people wear contact lenses to correct their vision today than ever before and they can be a great solution to meet visual needs of people who are active in their life or even play sports. With today’s technology on the rise, almost everyone can wear contact lenses in a comfortable manner, even if they need bifocals, have astigmatism, or deal with dry eyes. If you’ve worn glasses for years, or you just now have the need for vision correction, you may wonder if contact lenses are for you. Can they work? Most likely. Will you like them? Probably. Should you try them? That’s completely up to you.

Advantages Contact Lenses Have Over Glasses

Contact lenses have huge advantages over glasses for people who lead a highly active lifestyle. Contact lenses, for example, won’t steam over or slide down your nose if you sweat. They also give you a great peripheral vision that glasses limit since there aren’t frames in that area. Contacts also allow people to wear any sunglasses they want to work or play outdoors.

Safer Elements Within Contact Lenses

If you enjoy sports, even on a club level, contact lenses are definitely something to try. Glasses cause more eye injuries when collisions happen, elbows are thrown, or balls catch you unaware. Contact lenses don’t often pop out, even with high levels of motion. And they definitely won’t get jammed against your face like glasses can. Even those around small children often find contact lenses safer as kids can bump glasses regularly when trying to climb into a lap.

Affordability Coupled With Convenience

Contact lenses are very affordable today and a whole year’s supply can cost as little as a good pair of shoes. Most lenses are disposable so there are no worries if you lose one. Plus, clean, fresh contacts are good for eye health as well. You simply wear them for the day and then throw them away at night, which makes them very convenient. There are no cleaning rituals necessary.

Consult With An Optometrist About Contact Lenses

If you wear glasses and you’re tired of the inconveniences they come along with, check with your optometrist to see if contact lenses could be a good fit for you. If you are just starting down your vision correction path, perhaps you want to start out with contacts and not bother much with glasses at all. Contact lenses require a prescription from an eye doctor in order to purchase them. You will need to have a full eye examination to gauge the health of your eye before you get that prescription.

Call Redondo Optometry

If it’s time for an eye check-up, or you’re ready to dive into the clear-view world that contact lenses can provide, contact the professionals at Redondo Optometry for an appointment. You will find out whether or not you are a good candidate for contacts and you can get started on getting the proper type and prescription for your vision needs.

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