Glasses, Contacts, or Laser?

What’s Best For Your Life? Glasses, Contacts, Or Laser

Most of the people in your life probably either wear glasses or contact lenses. If not, they may have had laser surgery to improve their vision. While at least half the population has vision issues, most of these issues are easy enough to address through one of these corrective solutions. If you need vision correction, you just have to decide which solution is right for you. Your eyes are very important to your daily life and you want to see as clearly as possible. Life is too beautiful to miss out on!


Eyeglasses: The Classic Solution

Glasses are devices that people have used since the 13th century to correct their vision. They work for nearly every vision need. They’re easy to wear, stylish, and comfortable. They allow people to see well at glasses and there are lenses that cut back on reflections. Self-tinting lenses are an option to turn the glasses into sunglasses when they hit UV rays and glasses always protect your eyes from dirt and dust. There are special designs for those who are active and there are specific glasses for those who spend a lot of time on computers. They do come with some downsides, though. They can fog up if you move from the cool indoors to a hot outdoors and sometimes the frames are uncomfortable. They can also get in the way if you try to lay down when watching TV at night.

Contact Lenses: A Popular Alternative

Contacts are small, nearly invisible lenses that people wear directly on their eyes. They work well for near and far-sightedness and technology is so advanced that once they are on the eye, they aren’t something a person can normally feel (or is supposed to, anyway). They don’t fog up and they can help to correct vision impairments that vary between the left and right eye. They are never in the way and aren’t cumbersome like glasses are at times. However, wearing them too long can disrupt oxygen to the eye and cause them to dry out. They have to be properly cleaned, stored, and they can be easy to lose, too.

Laser Surgery: A Small Procedure With A Big Effect

Laser surgery has been on the market for 20 years and it’s only getting better and more technologically sound. There are several procedures and the physician will tell you what’s best for you. The procedures are small and minimally invasive, most of the time, and most patients can see clearly again shortly after the procedure is complete. It’s an outpatient surgery that usually only takes a few minutes. You don’t need glasses after, but if your eyes change again, you could need to have surgery again in later years or have a need for glasses or contacts.

The Choice is Yours 

Plenty of options are available for vision correction and it is only a matter of what works best for you. Think about your lifestyle, what your eyes can tolerate, what you can afford, and the pros and cons of each. If you make an appointment with your Redondo optometrist, they will be happy to help you reach a decision that is best for your situation.

Olivia Hokama