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Are You At Risk For Glaucoma?

woman-getting-an-eye-examGlaucoma Risks Everyone Should Know

Glaucoma is an issue that can lead to blindness and it occurs all over the world. Often, there aren’t any symptoms in the early stages, though it will hit certain groups more than others. Any person at any age has at least some risks and roughly half of the people who have it, don’t know it. There are effective treatments that can slow the progression of glaucoma and prevent vision loss, but you need to know if you are at a high risk for the ailment first. Early diagnosis and treatment is critical and will help preserve your sight. Vision, once it’s impaired or lost completely, isn’t something that comes back.

Heredity Is A Huge Risk

Much of glaucoma is hereditary. In fact, more than 50 percent of the ailment comes from family members. If you have a sibling with glaucoma, you are ten times more likely to get it yourself. Anyone who has a blood relative with glaucoma should be more aware of the ailment because they are at an increased risk of getting it. They may even have it already and simply be unaware. If you have a family member with glaucoma, it’s important to encourage other family members to get screened so they can take steps to preserve their vision for as long as possible. You will also want to go through the same screening yourself.

Eye And Head Pain Can Indicate Issues

If you have headaches, you’re like most people. However, if you get sharp pains in your eyes or get bad headaches that come out of nowhere, it might be due to your eyes. Head and eye pain could be a symptom of glaucoma and you will want to have your vision checked out before things get worse. Certain forms of glaucoma can cause this pain and is an indicator that something is wrong with your vision’s future.

Halo Lights Aren’t From Angels

If you start to see halos around lights or get a feeling of overall haziness around words in a book or other things, you might feel like your glasses have a smear on them. If you clean your lenses and still see that halo, don’t just ignore it. It could be a symptom that glaucoma is looming, and you need to get treatment before you start losing your vision. Vision loss comes in advanced stages, but the signs that come beforehand warn you upfront, so you can take care of the issue sooner.

Red Eyes For No Reason

Your eyes might often be red when you’re tired, when you have a cold, or when you rub them because of an itch. But if your eyes are red for no apparent reason, it can be as a result of pressure in the eye, which is a sign of glaucoma.

Get Glaucoma Screenings

You don’t have to pay attention to any signs or symptoms if you are good about getting regular glaucoma screenings from your eye care professionals. Let the experts at Redondo Optometry give you an eye exam to prevent vision loss in the future.

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