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How To Treat Swollen Eyes Due To Contact Lenses

Woman Uses Tea Bags To lessen eye pains from Contact LensesThe Best Remedies For Swollen Eyes Thanks To Contacts

When it comes to wearing contact lenses, your eyes can become swollen for many reasons. Wearing old eye makeup or accidentally getting some in your eye from overapplication can irritate eyes—especially for contact users. Debris can get lodged in between the cornea and contact causing swelling. Eyes that are overexposed to contact lenses can also become puffy, tired-looking, and quite uncomfortable. Check out the cool ways below that you can help your eyes recover.

Ask About Home Remedies

Sometimes contact lens solution or eye drops just doesn’t help your tire eyes. Homemade treatments are inexpensive and often very effective for treating contact lens irritation. When solution just isn’t enough, take your contact lenses out and go with a homemade eye pack. For mild to moderate irritation, you can use homemade remedies to soothe tired, swollen eyes in just 10 minutes. Great before bed, these can double as anti-aging packs too! Just always make sure to consult an expert before applying anything to your eyes.

Tea Bags to Reduce Puffiness

After a long day of wearing your contact lenses, your eyes might be feeling fatigued. Use herbal teas to make tea bag eye packs. Chamomile or lavender teas are soothing, and orange tea is energizing. Avoid tea with heavy spices such as chai. Fill a cup with warm water. Immerse two tea bags into the water for a few moments. Once the tea bags are soft, remove the bags from the cup. Place the tea bags on a small plate and pop them into the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes. You want them to be cold, but not frozen. Remove the tea bags from the freezer. Find a cozy place to lay down. Place a tea bag on each closed eyelid and relax for 10 minutes. The herbs in the tea will reduce puffiness. Remove the tea bags and discard.

Treat Puffy Eyes With a Vegetable Pack

Potatoes and cucumbers have natural astringent properties to soothe skin and reduce swelling. Peel and grate enough of the vegetable you prefer to make two 1-inch piles. Wet two 2-inch squares of cheesecloth with water, and then scoop one pile of vegetable into the middle of each cheesecloth. Gather up the edges of the cloth pieces and close, tying off the bundles with twist ties or pieces of string. Place the vegetable packs in the freezer for 10 minutes. Remove the packs from the freezer, lay down, and place on each closed eyelid. Leave on for 10 or 15 minutes. Remove and discard the packs.

Top Tips for Contact Lenses

If you experience pain, redness, or your condition worsens, see your eye doctor or ophthalmologist immediately. Some other good eye care tips:

  • Take your contact lenses out every night.
  • Moisturize eyes with eye cream twice a day, or after eye pack application.
  • Use two pillows when you sleep; this keeps your head propped up to help reduce eye swelling.
  • Old makeup can irritate the eye and can contain bacteria. Eyeliner should be thrown out after 6 months of use, mascara after 3, and eyeshadow after 1 year.
  • If you get an eye infection, such as pinkeye or conjunctivitis, throw out your contact lenses and makeup and buy new.
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