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Title: Recognizing Pink Eye

Recognizing Pink EyeDiagnosing Pink Eye

Recognize The Symptoms

The first step in figuring out if you have pink eye is watching for signs and symptoms of the ailment. Of course, you will have pinkness in your eye and one or both eyes will also have an itching or burning sensation in them. You may have excessive tearing and a gritty feeling in your eye. You could see swelling in your eyelid as well as a discharge from your eye. You might be sensitive to the light and the white portion of your eye will be discolored.

Allergen Exposure

Allergic reactions can sometimes mimic the symptoms of pink eye, but the symptoms are related to allergies instead of an infection. If you have a temporary runny nose and some sneezing that subsides in a few hours, your “pink eye” might really be allergies instead. If it is spring or fall, pollen counts are at their highest. You may have also had exposure to cats or dogs. Seasonal allergies don’t usually require medical intervention and you can try over the counter medications to prevent your misery from occurring quite as often.

Irritant Exposure

If you suspect pink eye, but you have been exposed to noxious chemicals, you may be having symptoms that are similar to pink eye, but aren’t the actual illness. If you have been swimming a lot or live in an area with high air pollution, remove the exposure to the irritant and your swelling could go down. If the symptoms don’t go away in 24 hours, see a doctor.

Visit The Eye Doctor

If you are unsure as to whether or not you have pink eye, it is best to see a doctor. You will want to get a precise diagnosis in order to be sure. You will get a treatment regimen from them based on whether or not you have a viral or bacterial infection. You will want to be careful not to rub your eye and irritate it further. Plus, rubbing your eye and touching other items can cause the pink eye to spread to others.


If your pink eye is due to a viral infection, you may have to let it run its course. On the other hand, if you have a bacterial issue, you will get an antibiotic to help the infection clear up sooner rather than later so you won’t be uncomfortable as long as you would be without medication.

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